Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In Defence of Pit Bulls

Dino Dogan is promoting yet another Kenn Bell video (of "The Other Heroes of 9/11" fame), this time supporting the much maligned breed, the Pit Bull.

Let me be perfectly clear - IMHO Pit Bulls are not monsters, killers, vicious, evil or dangerous. I know because I work with dogs, and a kennel full of Pit Bulls is MUCH easier to deal with than a kennel full of Labradors or lap dogs.

Anyone who fuels the fires of prejudice against any breed (or race, creed or color), for fun, profit or cruelty is, pardon my French, a foutue idiote.

Let's use some common sense.

Let's ignore the press whipping up Pit Bull hysteria to sell papers.

Let's ignore uninformed and misinformed politicians trying to score points with uninformed and misinformed constituents.

Let's start treating Pit Bulls like dogs, and not like devils incarnate.

Let's not condemn all Pit Bulls because of the actions of a few bad owners.

Let's put an end to dog fighting.

Let's make Pit Bull Terriers a AKC recognized breed.

Let's end Breed Specific Legislation.

If you have never met a Pit Bull, please don't form an opinion until you do. Please do talk to someone who really knows the breed and who is a responsible dog owner.

By the way October 23 is Pit Bull Awareness Day - Let's Celebrate America's Dog!

Here are just a few other Pit Bull supporters, and a much better source of information than the guy down the street:

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Shorty's Pit Bull Rescue
Cesar Milan
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Bull Dog Breeds
Pit Bull Rescue Central
Luv A Bull Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary
Don't Bully My Breed
Working Pit Bull Terrier Club of America
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Best Friends Animal Rescue

You can follow Dino Dogan on Twitter and Facebook. Follow Kenn via his website, The Dog Files.

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