Monday, October 10, 2011

Interview with a Reiki master

Well not quite an interview, more of session with Yoda!

I have a friend who could use some Reiki, so I offered and she accepted. I expected her kitty (no, Cat, I was corrected) to attend the session, but he didn't show up until we were through. I jokingly said "So you're here to check my work" - I immediately got something like "No, I'm here to finish up where you left off". He settled down next to a spot on his mistress where I experienced some discomfort - and so did she - and he promptly dozed off.

That's this Cat all over.

He's elderly (25 at least), personable (even committed cat-haters have declared him a "cool" cat), and he's in charge (he controls a young dog 6 or 7 times his own size with relative ease). I believe he is also a Reiki master, as his human pointed out, he's been giving her energy treatments for years.

I didn't get the sense he was being unkind, just chiding me, in a kind but tired way. He gave me some additional pieces of advice which made me rethink my approach to Reiki and to animal welfare too.

1) "You aren't the stream, you're merely the channel."

2) "Don't assume you can "fix" everything."

3) "There's a difference between curing and healing."

4) "Humans are so arrogant - just because you want to talk to us doesn't mean we want to talk to you."

And he is right.

I told my friend Reiki had changed my life - I think I need to modify that slightly: Reiki is changing my life...

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